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Free Delivery for orders over £50 | UK based - Fast Delivery

Guide to Christmas Lights

Whether you are going for the full on National Lampoons this year or something a little more subtle. We're hear to guide you through the styles and options available for Christmas lighting this season.




The name kind of gives the game away, these lights are primarily designed to make your Christmas Tree be the bell of the ball. Super energy efficient these LED won't disappoint. Treebrights are available in sizes from 750 - 1,500 bulbs in 3 different colour variants - White, Warm White & Multi-Coloured

All lengths have a 5 metre length cable from UK plug to the first bulb giving you great versatility to place the tree where you want it rather than the plug socket deciding. All combinations come with a multi-action controller with a host of different functions (8 in total) such as flash, fade, chase and static. Treebrights have a timer function should you wish to use it which will automatically each day keep the lights on for 8 hour and off for 16. Long lasting, superbright these are the answer to add some shimmer to your tree whether indoors or out this year.




Cluster lights have grown in popularity over recent years and there's no sign of this trend slowing. As LED's have becoming more and more energy efficient the total number of bulbs we are decorating our homes with is increasing. Clusterbrights by Premier are an affordable option to really being your festive lighting scene bang up to date. Available in 480 bulb pack with a 6.2M total lit length or the larger 720 pack with a 9.3M lit length both sizes have an additional 10M cable from the transformer to the first bulb. We offer these lights in 3 classic Christmas colours: warm white, white and multi-coloured.