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Free Delivery for orders over £50 | UK based - Fast Delivery

Carmina Lamp Shade

Danish Designer Soren Ravn Christensen and Anders Klem created the stunning Carmina lampshade range for Umage Copenhagen. Inspired by the soft waves of the slow-moving dunes of the beautifully calm shorelines surrounding Denmark the Carmina provides a gorgeous ambient light. Made from polycarbonate and polypropylene, the lamp shades are both lightweight and environmentally friendly. Additionally the Carmina can be paired with table and floor tripods, meaning the possibilities for where to place this shade are endless.

The range consists of ten stunning colours, Christensen’s contemporary design on the Carmina means the lamp shade can look great alongside any interior décor around your house. Calm visual lines created by the Carmina make it a perfect lamp shade for a child’s rooms. The variety of colours suiting all tastes create an ethereal glow, allowing the light to spill across the ceilings and walls, adding beautiful colour and vibrancy to the room.  Alternatively, the light is very fitting for a living room or dining space, bringing a warm and calming atmosphere to the setting. The Carmina is also great with either a table or floor lamp for bedroom lighting, naturally generating a relaxing ambiance.

The white Carmina lampshade is available in both medium and mini whilst the coloured range is made in the smaller size.

Assembly tends to take around 15-20 minutes.