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Free Delivery (Royal Mail 48 / UPS) over £50 (or £2.75 p&p) | UK based - Orders placed before 2pm despatched same day (Mon-Fri).

Christmas Light Styles

You know how much we love our different types of lighting, naturally, that also extends to Christmas lighting too!


As we’re getting close to that time of year when you may be thinking about replacing your lights. With over 100 different types of lights available on our website, we thought we’d give you a quick tour of the different types of lights there are on the market


Are you ready to get your twinkle on? Here we go…



Tree string lights


These are perhaps the light that most people think of when they think of Christmas lights. They are the simple, but by no means plain, light that we all know and love. The one that reminds us of our childhood and the surprises that sat under the tree.


They’re suitable for all manner of different settings and tree styles. They would work perfectly in either a modern or traditional, minimal or elaborate home. The only limit with these lights is your imagination. With a lot of lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, there is no end to what you can do with these.

We stock a lot of different colours and tones. They’re an absolute workhorse of a light! What is not to love?



Berry lights


Berry lights are similar to tree string lights, but the main difference is that the bulb is shaped like a luscious berry. The red ones really do look like they could have been plucked from a live tree! With berries being synonymous with Christmas, these always prove to be a really popular choice. We usually stock white and red lights as they’re the most popular.


But if you’re looking for something just that little bit different, what about a berry and foliage garland? Perfect for a Christmas table and will definitely give your guests something to smile about!



Curtain lights


Have you ever wondered about how you can make your windows look that little more festive? Curtain lights are just what you need. They’re really quite simple, so don’t cause any stress to put up, but they give you an amazing effect which is just what we all want!


We have a couple of different styles, either stars or snowflakes, plus they come in different colours too. Like all of our lights, we love these so much, that we’d love to keep them up all year round!



Floating candle lights


If you read our last blog, then you’ll know a little bit already about the inspiration for these lights.  For a long time, we dangerously balanced candles on the branches of our Christmas trees. Thankfully the modern day version is a lot safer!


If you’re someone who likes a more traditional look for your tree, or perhaps you like to eat by candlelight, then these lights really could be just the thing for you. These amazing lights are battery operated, simple to use and even have a remote control! What’s we love even more, is that you really can use these lights all year round. They’re a much safer alternative to real candles, especially if you have children or pets at home.



Ball sparkle lights


We may well just have saved our favourite lights for last! Ball sparkle lights are great if you want to have a really effective lighting display. Like all our lights, they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use - so you can really put them to great use!

They come with a 10M long lead (before the first light) so that you have options on how you can position these. With four lights, having 200 lights in total, they’re really impactful.


Yes, we love these too - but then we really do love Christmas lights!

The lights listed above are really just a quick tour of what we have available on our website. With most of these lights coming in different colours, white or warm white, there is really a great choice available to you.


What’s more, some of our lights, such as the ball sparkle lights, the standard tree lights or even the cluster lights, are so amazing we’re sure you’re going to want to keep them up all year round! We’d not blame you!



If you’re not sure which lights would be best for you, then please feel free to get in touch. If you’ve bought some lights and you love them as much as we do, then why not share them with us on Instagram. We’d love to see how you style them up and not just at Christmas!