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Free Delivery for orders over £50 | UK based - Fast Delivery

The EOS by Umage

EOS Designed by Soren Ravn Christensen for Umage (previously Vita Copenhagen), the Eos range is made from natural goose feathers adding a unique, warm and soft lighting to any interior setting. The handmade Eos can be both utilised indoors as a hanging pendant, using an existing rose cable (or Umage cord), or alternatively it can be used to create a stunning floor or table lamp by simply adding the lampshade to an existing base or tripod.

It is likely you will have seen the Eos before across social media sites such as Pinterest, with the beautifully crafted lamp shade being the biggest seller for Umage.

Here at incube, the Eos has been one of our most popular designs for quite some time now. With colours ranging from grey, pink (baby rose), white and brown, the unique design fits any style of interior layout. 

As well as a selection of colours, the Eos lampshade is also available in different sizes. Whether you want to draw more attention with a large/medium lampshade or boost your interior with the more subtle mini/micro Eos, we stock sizes to fit your desire. All sizes can be used on either a table/floor lamp or as a hanging pendant (see picture below).

The range of sizes means the Eos can be used across different living spaces - for example, as a table lamp in a living room or a hanging pendant above a table for a warm and calming dinning atmosphere.

Umage Copenhagen have made it easier than ever to assemble the Eos lamp shade. The lampshade arrives boxed up and ready to easily mount or hang within a matter of minutes. Below you can see a tutorial on how to construct your lamp shade.