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Free Delivery (Royal Mail 48 / UPS) over £50 (or £2.75 p&p) | UK based - Orders placed before 2pm despatched same day (Mon-Fri).


This month, we’re looking at one of our favourite products, the Umage Eos Feather Lampshade.


This shade is a beauty; there is no doubt about that!


The overview


First things first, this is not a cheaply made shade. This handmade product is crafted using high-quality materials such as goose feathers and a sturdy paper core. Each one is most definitely a masterpiece in its own right.


If you’re not familiar with Umage, they are a Danish brand with sustainability at the heart of its business. Their products are inspired by nature and designed to bring a sense of peace and tranquillity into your home decor.


We could all do with that, couldn’t we?

Designed to be multi-use, and by that, we mean that they can go on a traditional pendant fitting or used as floor or table lampshades. Furthermore, it means you can easily switch up your look.


All this means your Eos shade will be part of your life for years to come.



Where can you use it?


At first glance, this looks like a shade that belongs firmly in a space like a bedroom, but we’d like to challenge that thought!


Because of the versatility of this shade, we think the larger version suspended from a traditional ceiling pendant makes a great addition to an entrance hall or even an upstairs landing. It would definitely give some drama but also bring a sense of nature and softness to what can sometimes feel like an uninspiring space.


What about using it in your living room?


We have heard of many people using these as feature ceiling shades but also using the smaller version as table lamps. So again, they are something which is really impressive but really do bring some texture and of course, conversation into the room.


One last thought, what about a dining space? Now that would give you something to talk about over lunch!

So why do we love it?


This shade is of exceptional quality. The materials are well thought out, and this will last the correct maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, you need to blast it with a hairdryer from time to remove dust from the feathers. How simple?

We also love that this is a conversation starter. This is most definitely not the typical shade that you can just buy anywhere. If you’re looking for something which speaks to an elevated design taste, then this shade is one that will do just that.


We stock the shades alone, in sizes large, medium and mini, so that you can add them to your own pendant fitting, or perhaps an existing floor or table lamp fitting. We also have different colour options, including brown, pink and white. The colours are softer toned, so even if at first you think they wouldn’t fit with your colour scheme, the more neutral tones mean they are likely to work across most colour palettes.


If you’re looking for accessories, then we stock the cord sets and also the table lamps with different coloured stands.


We really think there is something for everyone in this stunning collection; you can see what we have in stock here.