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Happy New Year | Free Delivery for orders over £50

Innermost Lighthouse Lamp Shade | Extra Large

Innermost Lighthouse Lamp Shade | Extra Large

The multiple clear lenses help create a stunning optical effect which causes light to spread across the walls of your room!

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Innermost Lighthouse Lamp Shade (X Large)

Designed by Innermost, the contemporary and distinctive Lighthouse Lamp Shade creates a stunning optical effect as the light source is duplicated all around your room. A dazzling effect that is eye-catching and instantaneously striking.

The positioning of a range of lenses creates the iconic and retro appearance throughout the room – especially on the walls! As a result, the astounding light gives any setting a touch of sophistication and luxury. 

If you wish, multiple light bulbs can be implemented to augment the gorgeous effect created by the Lighthouse. 

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H30cm x D46cm (approx)


Suitable for any pendant ceiling light fitting

Light source:

Max 100W (not included)

Recommended bulb:

LED globe bulb, 400 – 1000 lumen output. From 2700K (for warmer with more colour) up to 6000K (daylight). Try an LED filament style bulb for a great retro effect