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Free Delivery for orders over £50 | UK based - Fast Delivery

Innermost Jeeves & Wooster

The Innermost Jeeves & Wooster are iconic lamp shades that adds a unique blend of contemporary design and Great British traditions to your interior. These bold, hand-made hats are a quirky way to add light and an element of fun in your chosen room – they really stand out from the crowd and will be a talking point for your guests and family. Here at incube we stock the fabulous Jeeves Bowler hat as a hanging lampshade, a table lamp and a wall lamp.

Firstly, the Jeeves lampshade in the iconic Bowler Hat shape, designed by Jake Phipps. The wool felt hat, lined with an aluminium inner shell epitomises true English heritage. The stunning gold colour interior will give a highly individual finishing touch to any room! 

The Jeeves Table Lamp is perfect for placing in any interiors as a side light on a coffee table or to add some sophistication to your office space. The wonderful design on the lamp means that the top hat can be angled/ ‘tipped’ the way you desire! 

Lastly, the unusually quirky Jeeves wall lamp shade looks like it has been thrown very hard at a wall, leaving a warm glow spreading on the wall below. This light looks particularly good above dining areas, in retail space and office environments.

Similar to the hanging Jeeves, the Wooster Top Hat Lamp Shade brings a unique, fun and stylish glow that hangs above in your interior. The Wooster is also a hand-made designed wool felt hat that is lined with an aluminium inner shell. A bright silver colour that brings a bright and attention-drawing touch to any room.