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Free Delivery for orders over £50 | UK based - Fast Delivery

Black Silvia Lamp Shade Umage Silvia Lamp Shade - Black - Mini

Umage Silvia Lamp Shade - Black - Mini

The Black Silvia Lamp Shade is great choice for modern contemporary spaces. The dark tone of black absorbs more light than any other colour. In the right environment the colour gives a leveling of balance (tone) or breaking up contrasting colourways and larger open spaces. Also suitable to be used in conjunction with a table or floor tripod.

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Umage Silvia Lampshade - Black - Mini

Pairing the Black Silvia shade with black table tripod creates stunning dark and highly contemporay table lamp. The ultimate balancing piece for an ebony and ivory setting.

All Umage Silva shades are supplied flat packed in minimal packaging complete with full assembly instructions. Assembly takes around 10-15 minutes. A assembly video can be found here

Whether it’s in an office space, home or in a retail environment, the Silvia adds a true level of sophisticatation.

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Polypropylene / Poly-carbonate


H27cm x W34cm (approx)


Designed to fit any E27 light fitting